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those taken to the hospital. >>> more trouble for the baltimore city jail. a new report out by the department of justice shows inmate suffer the second highest level of sexual abuse by guards in the country. it comes after inmate and alleged gang member tayvon white was involved in bribing correction officers to help him and is accused of impregnating several guards in the jail. >>> virginia state republicans have picked their candidate for three statewide offices. voting wrapped up with the party's convention in richmond. after multiple ballots, jackson received the nod for lieutenant governor. k he will likely face democratic nominee in november. julie kerry spoke to him about the nomination. >> we can all turn and focus on a unified fashion on winning in november. we have an advantage on the republican side. we have our ticket three and a half weeks before the democrats. >> planned parenthood of virginia protested his nomination. the d.c. mayoral race is starting to take shape. ward six council member wells announced he is running. he said the district is in a crisis of e
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1